Generac Has One of the Most Eco Friendly Generators on Today's Market

Generac EcoGen™ (Model 5818)

Alternative energy
backup system options for off-grid applications have typically been expensive,
inadequately sized systems adapted from other applications, but Generac has
changed all that. Generac engineered the EcoGen 6 kW to eliminate virtually all
of the issues previously associated with alternative energy systems. The Generac
EcoGen is the only off-grid automatic generator that provides an affordable,
clean running, low-emission solution for off-grid applications. EcoGen is:

*The first of its kind to be fully warranted for off-grid use when used
in conjunction with an alternative energy system
*Engineered to easily
integrate into the existing inverter and battery storage system
*Easy to
maintain with unprecedented 500 hour maintenance intervals to save time and
*Equipped with the Nexus™ Digital Controller with superior system
monitoring capabilities and an integrated smart charging system that only
charges the battery when necessary
*Factory wired for a full 6 kW at 120VAC,
with the capability to be reconfigured for a full 6 kW output at 240VAC to
accommodate larger 240V inverter systems or two systems paired together