Introducing AC Power Inverters

Introducing AC Power Inverters  


Power inverters take a vehicle’s 12V DC power and convert it into 120V AC and 5V 2.1A USB power via either the accessory (lighter) socket or vehicle battery. The accessory socket cables provide a maximum of 80 W, while the battery cables allow the power inverter to deliver its maximum rated output.

Generac’s series of power inverters are among the first to offer the advanced technology of a 2.1A USB port, the latest standard in USB power. The result is high level, compact, portable power that can easily handle tablet computers such as iPads 

®, in addition to cell phones, laptops, DVD players, small appliances, power tools and more.


• Turns vehicle power (DC) into household power (AC)

2.1A USB port is the latest standard in USB power for charging cell phones, laptops,

and tablet computers, including the iPad®

• Low-battery alarm and automatic shutoff help avoid draining vehicle battery

• Accessory outlet plug (100 W,200 W, and 400 W units only)

connects directly to the vehicle’s accessory power outlet (i.e.lighter socket)

• 200 W, 400 W, and 750 W units can connect directly to the vehicle’s battery for full power output

• PowerBar™ output monitor (400 W and 750 W only) provides instant feedback on total power usage


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