Customer Testimonials

The 25 KW Generator

Boy, what a job it was to place this generator where I wanted it. Rick and his team worked with authority and persistence to get this generator in. But it was worth it. We get so many power outages here. NO MORE POWER OUTAGES NOW !!!!

-Alex - Allendale New Jersey N.J.

30 KW Generator

We have a large home and finding the right generator was a task. A lot of contractors did not know what they were talking about when I ask them a question. They were just salesmen sent to our house to get that deposit up front. Rick answered all our questions and made us feel at ease. Not only did he size us with the correct generator but he was here on sight every step of the way. He rented a forklift to set the generator and a mason to form the pad. He also bolted down the generator too much to talk about this great job. If you want a generator guy who knows what he is doing call Rick

-Cowayo - Saddle River New Jersey N.J.

Peace of Mind with Uniteruppted Security

This generator is great. Every time we have a power failure our security system back up battery only lasts an hour if that. Now with the generator our security system will run 24/7 365 thank god. Rick approached this job with security in mind because that is what we wanted.

-Nagton - By Plainfield New Jersey N.J.

The Generator Master

Rick is the generator master. I had many contractors that came over my house and they were in and out in a flash. They just wanted my money deposit right away and were very pushy. Rick spent about two hours at my house going over all his calculations of what size generator my house really needs. He then called me in a day and told me what size will work for me and why. He did not ask for any money or a deposit. In fact he filled out all the paperwork for the permits and sent them to the building department and also filled out all the paperwork for PSEG without taking a penny from me. After the building department approved the permits and the generator location and PSEG sent us there report that the gas was adequate to my house to run a generator, that is when Rick finally took my deposit. That is trust you will never find anywhere else.

-Mike - Teaneck New Jersey N.J.

Back Up Power

I am a doctor and I prescribe Rick Marton Electrical to do all your generator work. He is a great guy and really knows his stuff.

-Levek_ Teaneck New Jersey N.J.

Teaneck Always Loses Power

Rick calculated a generator that will allow us to run our double wall oven. We have a lot of family functions. What a great peace of mind knowing that there is a generator just waiting for the at power outage. Richard Marton Electrical Contractor LLC is the very best.

-Lisa - Teaneck New Jersey N.J.

The Generac Solution

Our 20 KW generator was the perfect solution when the power goes out and we still need our home office to run. Thanks Rick

-Alyssa - Tenafly New Jersey N.J.

Just the Essentials

Our critical circuit generator makes us feel that the power is still turned on. Richard knows exactly what to back up to make us comfortable.

-Richard - Washington Township New Jersey N.J.

My Personsal Power

Please hire Richard Marton Electrical Contractor LLC to do all your generator work. The Generac generator was the best possible insurance policy money can buy.

-Cian - Closter New Jersey N.J.

Automatic Generator Installation

We always wanted a generator but did not know who to trust. Look no further, Rick is the man to get. They were very professional. After it snowed, he brought his own snow blower to clear a path to where we wanted the generator to be installed. He also worked with PSEG to get our gas meter changed out at no charge!! Use Rick.

-Muhin - Wyckoff New Jersey N.J.

Whole House Generator Installation

I had a generator installed for my mother at her house in Paramus. I live in Colorado. There is nobody else I would more trust then Rick. He is also from Paramus. The job he did was wonderful. Passed all the inspections. He even set up the mobile link for free so I can keep an eye on my mom's generator all the way from Colorado. Thanks Rick

-Jim - Paramus New Jersey N.J.

20 KW Optional Standby Generator

I can't say enough about Richard and his team of experts. I called Richard to came out to do a tune up on a generator that was installed a couple of years ago. Not only did Richard do the tune up but he spent about two hours doing a complete assessment of the entire generator installation that was done by a different contractor. Richard found 18 violations and some were very dangerous. I did not know when I had the generator installed all these things needed to get done. Richard has a wealth of information to give. Richard and his crew came back and re-installed the generator the right way with Permits, and by using the PSEG engineering department. Please go with Richard if you want a generator installed. He saved our house and possible our lives!!

-Craig - Paramus New Jersey N.J.

22 KW Genrator Installation

We are so happy and pleased on how this generator project turned out. The workers were courteous and clean. Everybody swept up after themselves. The generator looks fantastic in our yard. Thank You - Rick

-Joe - Oradell New Jersey N.J.

11 KW Back Up Generator Installation

Our dream of having a generator installed finally came true. After months and months of my wife and I discussing about having a generator, we finally did it. I am glad we choose Richard and his crew of Technicians to do the work. They paid attention to every little detail. They were clean and very thorough.

-Mike - Teaneck New Jersey N.J.

Thank God We Got a Generator

No more power outages for us. Our entire house will have back up power thanks to Rick and his men. Excellent job guys!!!!

-Janet, Teaneck N.J.

Electric Start Portable Gasoline Generator

No more running extension cords. Rick installed a transfer switch so all I have to do is flip one breaker and everything I want on backup power is running. Yeah!!! This is the greatest thing!! Get it Done.

-Paal, Ramsey N.J.

17 KW Whole House generator

These guys know generators. Our electrical panel was on one side of the house and the generator on the other side of the house. Rick figured out a way to get the pipes and wires through the house on this very difficult installation. I will recommend them to my family and friends. Great job!!!

-Mary, Pompton Plains

Generac's 10 Circuit Manual Transfer Switch Installation

Marton Electircal recently did the installation of a manual transfer switch and all the related wiring for use with a portable generator I recently purchased. I am very satisfied with the team's quality of work and their attention to detail. When the installation was complete, the crew chief carefully walked me through the whole process of using the transfer switch to ensure that I understood it completely. I will definitely use Marton Electrical for any future needs for electrical work. Lou, Ridgewood=

-Lou, Ridgewood N.J.

Generac 8000W Generator

Great Installation. A pleasure to work with. Happy to recommend. My wife is very happy. Greg

-Greg Riveredge, New Jersey 07661

20 KW Generac Generator Installation with Subpanel

Rick took the time to explain to us the entire process of a generator installation. We went over location, gas and permit requirements. The installation went smooth and we are pleased with how the generator looks and the piping to it.The crew did a great job.

-Bill Rivervale, New Jersey

Whole House 20 KW Generator Installation

Richard's workers work very hard. I especially think that his worker Mike is very knowledgable and easy to get along with. Richard is lucky to have him. Mike has a great fun personallity. The job came out fabulous.

-Mr. Brunelle, Tenafly N.J.

Manual Transfer Switch for a Portable Gasoline Generator

Rick's work really came out nice. He took the time to help me start my gas generator and to show me how the system works so if there is a power failure I can do this on my own.

-Oleg Fort Lee, New Jersey

Installation of a 20 kw Generac Generator

Rick and his crew were wonderful to work with. They were neat and very clean. I just told them to come inside and make themselves feel like this was their home. Rick took the time to answer all our questions. Great work guys!!!!

-Dave - Edgewater, New Jersey

We want them back to do more work

We loved Rick and his fine professional of guys. They are very friendly. We had no idea what it takes to put in a generator. They did a fantastic job. My husband who is on oxygen does not have to worry about the power going out.

-Mr. & Mrs. Enis Oradell, New Jersey

The Generator Kings

These guys did a great job and I will recommend to the neighbors. My home based business will always be up and running. They are the generator kings.

-Tom, Edgewater, New Jersey

More 20 KW Type of Installation

Thanks to the guys frm Richard Marton Electrical Contractor, our house is now safe.

-Mr Honig Paramus, New Jersey

Another 17 KW Generac Generator Installation

We are so happy to finally get a generator. Rick and his crew did a wonderfull job. The pipes they ran came out really neat and professional looking. We are very impressed with Richard Marton Electrical Contractor.

-Mr. Price Haworth, New Jersey

14 KW Generac Generator Installation

Rick and his crew made a really difficult installation seem easy. Our electrical panel was on one side of the house and the generator was on the opposite corner of the house. He took the time to explain on how it all works. Great Job Guys!!

-Mr. Youg Upper Montclair, New Jersey

8000 W Portable Generator Installation

Rick was so helpful in determining which generator and transfer switch is best for us without spending a lot of money. He took the time to come over and explain to us on how the generator will work with our house.

-Katheryn Oradell, New Jersey

Portable Generator Installation

Rick came up with an economic plan to help us keep our power going during a power outage. Our special needs child is now safe. Thanks you Rick

-Nick, Emerson, New Jersey

Typical 8KW Generac Generator Installation

The men from Backup Generator Source were very professional and did clean work. After that last storm we had was so terrible, made us get ready for all the storms in the future. Thank you

-Mrs. Meyers Ramsey, New Jersey

Typical 7 KW Generator Installation

I am proud to be an owner of a Generac Generator, which brings peace of mind should there be a loss of power in this area like after the Hurricane Irene experience.

-Mr. Vasquez Paramus, New Jersey 07652

Typical 17 KW Generator Installation

Great work. I asked a lot of questions and they answered them.

-Dr. Weiss Haworth, New Jersey 07641

Typical Critical Circuit Transfer Switch Installation

The generator installers were absolutely the best group of professionals we've ever met. All of them were extremely talented, and were a real pleasure to work with. Top notch in all respects.

-Mr. Guitierrez - Paramus, New Jersey 07652

Typical 20 KW Generator Installation

" I did not realize how much work is involved. You guys did an excellent job. I will be referring you to our neighbors and we also need other electrical work done in our house".

-Mr. Monopoly - Haworth, New Jersey 07641